The history of the Church - a timeline


816: Evidence of a church in Banff


1178-1199: The Parish Church in Banff chartered


1323: Henry of Spynie the earliest known vicar


1471: Church rebuilt


1591: Banff Parish was separated from Alvah


1634: Banff Parish was separated from Boyndie


1761: Old Church ‘in a ruinous state’ (and pulled down in 1797)


1789-90: Present Church was built


1839: Spire added


1843: The Disruption: Banff Free Church established on site opposite the Castle


1877: Present Banff Parish Church renovated, a harmonium introduced and five stained glass windows inserted


1914: Banff United Free Church established after union with Banff Trinity Church


1927: Banff Parish Church renovated and reconstructed. A chancel and apse, an organ chamber and vestry were erected; a Communion table, pulpit and baptismal font added and three stained glass windows inserted in the chancel and the interior renovated. Suite of Church Halls erected.


1929: Trinity United Church reunites with Church of Scotland and becomes Banff Trinity Church


1961: Banff Trinity joins Alvah Parish Church


1994: A single Parish Church in Banff is formed from union of Banff Parish Church with Banff Trinity and Alvah Parish Church.

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The Church Organ

Built by Conacher, rebuilt by Hilsdon 1928.


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