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30th May 2021 Click here to listen 

23rd May 2021 Click here to listen

16th May 2021 Click here to listen

9th May 2021 Click here to listen

2nd May 2021 Click here to listen 

25th April 2021 Click here to listen

18th April 2021 Click here to listen

11th April 2021 Click here to listen 

4th April 2021 Click here to listen 

28th March 2021 Click here to listen 

21st March 2021 Click here to listen

14th March 2021 Click here to listen 

7th March 2021 Click here to listen

28th February 2021 Click here to listen

21st February 2021 Click here to listen

14th February 2021 Click here to listen

7th February 2021 Click here to listen

31st January 2021 Click here to listen 

24th January 2021 Click here to listen

17th January 2021 Click here to listen

10th January 2021 Click here to listen

3rd January 2021 Click here to listen

27th December 2020 Click here to listen

Christmas 2020 Click here to listen 

20th December 2020 Click here to listen 

13th December 2020 Click here to listen 

6th December 2020 Click here to listen 

29th November 2020 Click here to listen 

22nd November 2020 Click here to listen 

15th November 2020 Click here to listen 

8th November 2020 Click here to listen

1st November 2020 Click here to listen

25th October 2020 Click here to listen  

18th October 2020 Click here to listen 

11th October 2020 Click here to listen  

4th October 2020 Click here to listen  

27th September 2020 Click here to listen  

20th September 2020 Click here to listen   

30th August 2020 Click here to listen

23rd August 2020 Click here to listen

16th August 2020 Click here to listen

9th August 2020 Click here to listen

2nd August 2020 Click here to listen

26th July 2020 Click here to listen

19th July 2020 Click here to listen

12th July 2020 Click here to listen

5th July 2020 Click here to listen

28th June 2020 Click here to listen

14th June 2020 Click here to listen

7th June 2020 Click here to listen 

31st May 2020 Click here to listen (a joint Pentecost message for Banff,        King Edward and Macduff)

24th May 2020 Click here to listen 

17th May 2020      Click here to listen

10th May 2020 Click here to listen

3rd May 2020 Click here to listen

26th April 2020 Click here to listen

19th April 2020 Click here to listen

A joint Easter message from churches of Banff and Macduff

12th April 2020 Click here to listen

5th April 2020       Click here to listen

29th March 2020 Click here to listen

22nd March 2020 Click here to read Click here to listen

Sermons and Services

Here is a bible-based computer game for ages 8+ that you might like to try.

Click here to listen to God's Rainbow Promise.

Family resources

Bridge Magazine

Sing along

here to 'I am special'




Click here to listen to a story about a very Special Picnic.

Click here to listen to the story of The Lost Sheep.

Sing along here to 'Play your instruments' - one of our favourite (and noisiest!) Tots songs.


Click here to listen to Sheila and her puppets tell you about a man called Zacchaeus.

Join in with our latest Bookbug with Makaton session. This time the theme is 'Harvest'.

Join in with our latest Bookbug with Makaton session. This time the theme is 'Light and dark'.

Click here to listen to Sheila and her puppets tell you about the good Samaritan.

Click here to sing 'Twinkle, twinkle, star so bright'.

Click here to sing 'I'll be a helper'.

Here are three lovely Christmas stories told by Sheila.

Christmas storytime 1

Christmas storytime 2

Christmas storytime 3

Sing along here to 'Jesus lights a candle' - something to brighten up the dark nights!

Click here to sing 'The star in the sky'.

Click here to listen to Sheila tell a story about Jesus and his friends.