'Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and i will give you rest': Matthew 11:28

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Pastoral Care

No matter how long we have been a member of the Church, no matter how mature our Christian faith is, we all need to be cared for. Pastoral Care is important in our Church.

With Jesus the Good Shepherd as our model, good pastoral care will reflect how He cares for His sheep and so must be offered to all God's people.


Here in Banff and King Edward Churches, pastoral care is offered in a variety of ways, not just in preaching or in providing Biblical counselling, but also in visiting members at home or in hospital; or over coffee or lunch, by giving one-to-one personal attention, pastoral care is carried out.

It is a privilege as well as a responsibility to be trusted to care for somebody who is struggling with a difficulty, or is in a time of pain, loss, or crisis; or perhaps coming to terms with their terminal illness and all that brings. Sometimes, when no more can be done physically, offering prayer and spiritual support can be a valuable part of pastoral care, where God can give miraculous breakthroughs beyond what we can humanly bring.

Pastoral care might include: listening, comforting, encouraging, practically helping, praying.

All these are aspects of pastoral care and may be offered formally by the Church Leadership, or by a Pastoral Care Coordinator and team. It may be offered in the Church setting, or in other settings. When necessary, confidentiality will be maintained.

Sharing God's love through pastoral care can help to restore individual lives, heal relationships with God and with others, and help us to grow as disciples of Jesus.