SUNDAY     21st May 2017

King Edward 9.30 am. Banff 11am  - Mrs Vera Lumsden
Evening Service in Banff Church Hall at 6.30pm - Rev David Locke
We would be delighted if you could join us at any of the services. If you would like a welcomer to meet you outside the church  before the service please contact the church secretary. (Janet 01261 818211)

Welcome and Intimations.



CH4  104  “The Lord of Heaven Confess.” 


Reading 1.  Acts 5 : 1-11.


Talk “Good for our Wealth.”


Prayer for Ourselves and One Another.


MP 21  “All The Riches of His Grace.” 


Reading 2.  Acts 5 : 12 – 16.


Talk :  SLIDE 7:   “Good for our Health.”


MP 757 “When Peace Like A River.”


Reading 3.  Acts 5 : 17 – 29.

Acts 5 : 40 – 42.

Talk: “Good for our Growth.”


MP  323  “I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord.” 


Prayers of Dedication and For Others.


And finally, Facts and Figures. 


MP 759 “When The Trumpet of the Lord Shall Sound.” 


Benediction and Amens.