SUNDAY  16th July 2017
Mrs Vera Lumsden

Joint service in King Edward Parish Church at 10.30am



MP 463 “May The Mind of Christ My Saviour.”  


Reading 1.  Acts 13 : 2-12

 Talk  “The Races Begin!”


Prayer for Ourselves and One Another.


MP 200 “Great Is Thy Faithulness.”  

 Talk  “The Races Continue!”


MP 577 “Rejoice In The Lord Always.” 


Reading 2.  Acts 13 : 23 – 34

Talk  “And Still They Continue!”



MP 988 “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us.” 


Prayer of Dedication and For Others.


Reading 3.   Acts 13 : 38 – 47.


Talk  “Keep On Going!”


MP 167 “Give Me Oil In My Lamp.”


Benediction and Amens.