Mrs Vera Lumsden
Pastoral Assistant

19th March 2017

King Edward at 9.30am
Banff Parish Church Service at 11am
We would be delighted if you could join us at any of the services. If you would like a welcomer to meet you outside the church  before the service please contact the church secretary. (Janet 01261 818211)

Welcome and Intimations.


MP 366 “Jesus Is King.” 

Prayer for Ourselves and One Another.

Reading 1.   Luke 10 : 1 – 24.

Evidence of the Kingdom.  

MP 949 “Thy Kingdom Come, O God.” 

Reading 2. Colossians 3 : 1-15.

Characteristics of the Kingdom.

SGP 101  “The God of Heaven is Present on Earth.”

Offering and CHOIR .

Prayers of Dedication and For Others.

Reading 3.  Luke 10 : 38 – 42.

Choosing the Kingdom.

MP 590 “Seek Ye First.”

‘Gone Fishing’ for the Kingdom?

MP 575 “Rejoice, the Lord is King!”  (Tune: Darwal)

Benediction and Amens.